See things with positivity…

Have you ever wonder why someone is very happy, positive, energetic, passion and full of positive vibes?

Some are really negative when they are look at things? Their angle of viewing life is from negative and they shine negative vibes.

“90% of our happiness lies in how our brain processes the world. Its from our internal world.

10% of our external world predicts our happiness.”

As such, how can we strengthen our internal world and see things with positivity?

What types of practices are good for us to increase activity in the left prefrontal cortex which is associated with positive emotions and decrease activity in the right prefrontal cortex which is related with negative emotions?

Let’s practice meditation and also be mindful in your daily life.

Be diligent!!!

You can experience a New you and a total New World!

What do you see?

You are going to see the same things with different perspective of life!

Take a try, my dear friends!




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