” I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man.”

By Mahatma Ghandi

Animal friends are NOT

Our food (To live their poor life for slaughtering)

Our toy (To abandon once they are

sick or aging)

Our Lab test (To continuously to live in pain)

Our amusement (To continue to live in limited space and being “tortured” if not performing.)

Our Milk Nanny (To provide milk to us in lifetime and need to endure the pain of separation and keep pregnant…)

Our security guard (To provide security, being chain and confine in a small cage)

and more….

Always put yourself in other’s shoes.

Imagine, can you endure even one of the above condition?

Why not give our best PROTECTION to help them to live happily?

I am so touched and always weeping my happy tears when I look at animal friends who are living in no kill sanctuary. They are back to their home- living in nature.

They deserved to share this beautiful planet with us. Be part of us.

Look deep in animal friend’s eyes, they are full of loving kindness.

See no different.

I see no different… I see life!!!

I vowed to be the voice of animal friends.

Join us, to protect them, be their VOICE!!! and allow them to live happily and share resources with us.

Let’s do it by writing, posting, photos, videos, talking or any method which we can enhance awareness.

Your help is important.






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