Embrace impermanence in life….

Perhaps, all of us, we understand about life is impermanent, always full of changing and challenges.

Are you understand from wording?

Are you actually practicing it in daily life?

When you are living in comfort zone, everything is so beautiful and you have a very smooth life, you might not even think of practicing impermanence? You might hope that nothing change and you can continue to live in your comfort zone.

Think about it, if you are not practicing impermanence, how do you react when

you are jobless?

you are fall sick?

your family fall sick?

your hubby/ wife divorce you?

you meet with accident?

your parent passed away?

you are facing natural disaster?

No preempt, everything happen so fast without your control.

Imagine, if you are not practicing impermanent, you might totally collapsed ad start asking,

“Why me?”

“Why am I so unlucky?”

“Why I need to face such a challenging situation?

Why not just accept whatever happen, facing it with solutions, solve it and let go.

Meaningless to carry such a heavy burden in life.

Embrace impermanence…

Embrace impermanence of life. It make everything possible.



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