A heart of gratitude…

Gratitude and counting our blessings!!!

For the past two days, Sis and I , We were fully occupied for volunteer work for the grand opening of Dharma Drum Mountain Malaysia. It was a precious life experience and we were truly blessed to be part of the volunteer team. We’ve attended training since March this year to get ready for the official opening.

So many valuable lessons learned.

  1. Be the team player, always work in a team.
  2. Be mindful and always put others in priority.
  3. Always smile no matter how much challenges we are facing.
  4. Be at peace even though we are in hurry. If not, we are going to spread our negative energies to others.
  5. Take action on the spot based on situation facing and not strictly on SOP. Be flexible and always think from other’s angles. Everything is changing.
  6. Be confident, passion and shine our positivity to others.
  7. Be polite, soft speaking and patience.
  8. Don’t make assumption and always ask.
  9. Don’t blame others. No finger pointing.  Think of solutions and improvement.
  10. Be gratitude!

And more….

The person who gain the most in volunteer work is you. Be gratitude that you are able to contribute.

It’s great to give instead of to receive.





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