Be passion…

This afternoon, I dine-out with friends. We placed our order to the waiter and he repeated it.

Well! We received all wrong order, hot drink became ice drink and otherwise.

My spaghetti was supposed to be without garlic and he served garlic version.

Of course, we asked him to change to the right order.

We ordered 2 sets of Big Breakfast. However, we just received a set and needed to wait for a while to get another set.

The food quality is average as compared to the price we pay.

Lesson learned, We must be passion and mindful in whatever we are doing. We tend to make error when we are in hurry.  Yes, we can speed up our job, most important our mind must be in peace.

Be passionate in whatever you are doing!!! And enjoy it!

Moreover, please try the food we cooked before we served others. We must be satisfied and happy with the food quality. I read an interview, a vegan recipe developer, she’ll try to bake the same dessert and dishes for more than 30 times before she put into recipe book for sales.

Be passion. Always put yourself in other shoes.



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