My religion is Kindness!

“My religion is very simple.

My religion is Kindness.”

By Dalai Lama

So profound teaching!

Are you only be kind to people you know- your family and friends?

How about to strangers?

How about to animal friends?

How about to all living beings?

Do you think you are so “Superior” when you are paying for services and goods?

I heard a lot of incidents that people working in corporate world using their “power” or “authority” from their position to be super nasty to their suppliers. Super demanding with no respect, asking for ridiculous deadlines.

Think about it. Is it necessary?

Why are we causing so much stress, tension and suffering in others?

Yes, We are acting on behalf of our company. We are paying for their service fees.

Be kind!!!

Why can’t we practice kindness and we are still able to get things done?

Great ideas only come in happiness. Minimal human error and mistakes in happy working environment.

Let’s shine kindness!

Be kind to all living beings.

You are the One who gain the MOST, you laugh the MOST, you are enjoying your happiness in working!

How wonderful!





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