Thank you, Miss Sisi was home…

Yesterday, We spent such a long time to look for our lovely cat, Miss Sisi.

Mission failed. We are concern about her injured leg. Moreover, Miss Sisi is not a roaming cat.

She loves to stay indoor. It was out of norm that she got disappeared.

Perhaps, she didn’t like we apply medicine to her wound.

We can’t do much but give our best blessings to her.

We would like to thank you for your kind wishes.

Thank you everyone. I am home!!!

She was back home this morning safely.

We’ve quarantined her at home until full recovery.

Lesson learned. No point to worry as whatever we worry might not happen.

Just do our best and accept things happen unexpected.

No matter how challenging, We must always give our best blessings and wishes, one of the simple way to shine our loving kindness.

Lets our mind be at peace and calm even we are facing turbulent in life.








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