Life transformation?

Have you notice your transformation from past till now?

What are your changes?

Are you moving towards to be a better person?

Are you more happy?

Are you free from your craving to own more things?

Are you buying pattern based on want or need?

Are you focusing more on yourself or others?

Are you living a healthy lifestyle?

Are you eating healthier?

Are you reading more books?

Are you enhancing your skills?

Are you exploring new opportunities in life?

Are you spending time for volunteering work?

Are you becoming more peace and calm?

Are you willing to offer help to all beings?

Are you enjoying balance of life?

Are you spending more time with your family and friends?

Let’s contemplate, reflex and be honest to yourself.

Keep walking in right path!!! The mind is everything!

You are the painter of your life…

It’s depend on what do you want to paint?



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