Welcome to the world of giving…

Generally, market is slow, business is getting tougher and consumers are tighten their expenses. In such a challenging situation, it affected a lot of charity home to get donations to run their daily operation. One of the badly affected home might from animal shelter.

Are you only giving help/ support to human?

Are you still practicing “Judgmental” when come to offer help?

I am giving my best to those who need help, irrelevant of races, gender, religion, as long as living beings and also I supported to preserve the nature (forest).

Usually, when I come cross donation aids needed, I’ll check the source of information, background of the charity home, urgency and if possible I’ll pay a visit before inviting my friends to join in either cash, items and other help. It’s important to ensure it’s not a scam.

I love to invite my friends to join as this little action can open up their heart to shine loving kindness, instead of focusing too much on “I”, “Me”, “Mine”, gradually shift to “us” and willing to take out donation money. It might be hard for the first time.

Why should I help others?

Why not I spend all my hard earned money on myself and my family members?

Why should I be bothered? It should be taken care by others?

Some might even have this thought…. Why not you all chip in the money for me? I am also facing tight financial.

Remember, it’s not how much you can give… Most important, “Are you willing to give?” “Are you willing to continue to give?”

Once you are willing to start to shine your loving kindness journey, a little contribution to others and in actual fact you are getting the most…. you are losing your greedy (Only focusing “I”), hatred (you are shining Happiness), judgmental (you see equality), ignorant (instead of accumulative wealth, you are willing to make use of your wealth for others benefits and happiness), complaint (You feel gratitude and blessings), materialistic (focus on need not want, you are free from materialistic)…………………………………..and many many….

Never expect any return from your giving… keep giving!!! You can understand the meaning of giving when you are losing greedy, hatred, ignorance and others. Be gratitude when you are able to give!!!

Welcome to the world of GIVING!!!






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