What is your most fearful moment in life?

How do you feel when you are so fearful? Perhaps your mind can’t think properly, your heartbeat and breathing are very fast and you are losing your direction.

You might not know what is going on and you just wanted to run away from situation you are facing.

Recently, it’s the raining season. Heavy downpour in every evening and there is high possibilities for flash flood in city. It might due to blockage in drainage system and overdevelopment. Hard for so much water to flow out.

I am not using 4 wheel drive, as such I am very mindful in driving as visibility is so low and fearful about “flash flood”.

Why am I so fearful about flash flood?

I read many articles and watch videos about flash flood happen in surrounding area, everything happen so fast, there is no way to escape. This sow a “fearful” seed in my mind.  I believed my fearfulness was came from many years ago (about 20 years). I drove in heavy downpour and water risen so fast, it turned the road to small stream instantly. I was lucky and made a u turn to escape from flood.

Well! It shown clearly that past experiences, our reading, watching, all sow either good or bad seeds in our mind. We must learn to let go and move on. Our judgement should not be influenced by all this factors.

Liberate yourself. Be free from “fear”.




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