Right time…

“You are not going to be 100% ready and it’s never going to be just the right time,

but that’s the point.

It means that every moment is also the right moment.

If you want it, you just have to do it.”

Some of us, we are waiting for the right moment and 100% ready to start something we passion in life.

Before my friend’s retirement, she wants to be a volunteer to contribute back to society. She is waiting for the right moment.

However, after her retirement, she changed her mind as lots of unplanned things happened in life. Well! She is still waiting for right moment.

My another friend wanted to be a volunteer in a particular event, she is ready but conditions changed. Her voluntary service is not needed.

When you are 100% ready, conditions might change.

When is the right timing? Here and now.

As such, when is the right moment? Only here and now…


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