I am always right???

Are you always thinking you are right?

Are you always thinking from your angle of views?

Are you always taking care of your personal interest?

Are you putting your need at the first priority in the world?

Are you seeing “suffering” in others?

Are you putting yourself in other’s shoes?

Are you always saying “I”, “Me”, “Mine” instead of “us”, “we”……

I heard quite a number of cases that university fresh graduate are thinking in such a way…

“They are too intelligent and others are not as good as them.”

“They always right, always look for “incorrect reasoning” to support their action.”

“Nothing to learn”

“Under pay, overwork.”

“Old School”

“What can I get from company instead of What can I contribute?”

Think about it, have you ever see anyone build their home from middle floor, from sky, instead of laying foundation for strong structure?

Be grounded and learn!

Listen, that’s why we are having 2 ears and 1 mouth!!!

If you are always thinking you are right, your ideas are the best, there is nothing you can improve in your life.





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