Natural healing…

I heard from my cousin, “One of our relative being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and her body condition is so weak. And Doctor is advise her to go through Chemotherapy immediately.

I voiced out my concern about survival rate in such a weak body condition. Many cancer patients were died from treatment and not from cancer. I also propose to do transformation in life, make a drastic change in lifestyle, e.g. change diet to organic vegan (No Refined food ingredients), exercise (Ta chi, Yoga and others), Meditation, back to religion (Have faith) and live life slowly.

However, I can share whatever I know, but the final decision is still up to her.

The lesson learned, please read and understand more about natural healing, let food be thy medicine, why vegan, why organic food and other’s health related information. You can access easily in social media, perhaps you can discuss and check with your family and friends.

Always give an alternative way for healing. It’s challenging for people to advise and talk about it if you don’t even have any ideas. It’s really hard for you to follow when you are facing sickness. Most of us, we are looking for “Speedy” recovery and ignore the fact of “Side effects”.

Read, explore, practice and Be a living proof. It’s really important to share your experience with people.

Sow the seed of awareness in natural healing.

Choose the right food!!!

You are what you eat.

It can’t go wrong!



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