Genuine Smiles…

Have you ever notice how do you “Smile”?

Why not take a look on mirror?

How many tooth are you showing when you are smiling?

We should show 4-6 tooth when we are smiling to others. Of course, you can show more tooth when you are smiling.

I believe you can differentiate between “Genuine Smile” (A happy smile from heart) and a “Fake Smile” (Which is not sincere). You can feel the totally different level of energy.

As such, Please give a genuine and sincere smiles to people surrounding. Your sincere smiles will definitely break the ice, giving more relaxing and positive vibes. People will get closer and smile back to you. How wonderful!

If you are not use to “Smile”, please start your practice smiling from your heart.

Try the impact of powerful genuine smiles!!!

Happy smile 😃

Beautiful friends, are you smiling now?


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