Walk Alone…


“If you cannot find a good companion to walk with, walk alone,

like an elephant roaming in jungle.

It’s better to be alone than you be with those who will be hinder your progress.”

By Buddha

How profound!

How do you spend your off day?

Are you try your best to pamper yourself by spending time in cafe, restaurant with family and friends to chit chat, shopping, watching movie or drama and other activities?

How about if someone invite you to join for charity work, attend a spiritual talk, a meditation retreat… ?

Are you willing to let go your off day?

Are you willing to go alone if non of your friends or family members are willing to join in?

Some of us, we must get accompany in whatever we are doing. We are so afraid to walk alone.

Like lotus growing in muddy water. You can walk alone for doing right things.

If you are on right path, why worry?

Walk with fearless and full confident!



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