Light a lamp…

“If you light a lamp for somebody, it will also brighten your path.” By Buddha

I read a story some time ago,  a blind granny lighted her house fence light every night. Her neighbour asked her, “You can’t see and why are you lighted your fence light?” Her reply was so simple, “I am lighted up for people who passed by my house, I hope they are safe.” So warm and touching!

We light up our house car porch light every night, it’s so bright not only for our house but also those people who passed by. I hope you are going to do the same.

When I shared with my friends about doggies in shelther home need used towel, blankets or bed sheet to get them warm in raining day. All my beautiful friends are gathered effort to give!!! A good example of light a lamp…

Always ready to give your helping hand. In actual fact, you are helping yourself to let go greedy, judgemental, hatred…. most important, transformation from “I”, “Me”, “Mine”…. to “us”.





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