Be gratitude…

Life is one big,

Continuos circle of giving and receiving energy.

Be thankful for who and what’s in your life, instead complaining about what you don’t have.

Be grateful to whatever situation happens in your life whether good or bad.

You are going to learn and experience whether in good or bad situation. It’s all depend on how are you facing it, positive or negative.

Clean it up and let go!!! Enjoy freedom in life!

A simple example, I accidentally dropped coffee inside my car. Should I start blaming myself for careless? or blaming on bad luck? or blaming bla…bla……..

Immediately, I cleaned it up. My only concern is whether this unmindful action will attract ants or any living creatures in my car… I must clean it fast and thoroughly. I don’t want my action causing suffering in any living creatures.

I heard a touching talk from Venerable, when he was diagnosed with diabetics, his only concern was he can’t donate blood in future.

It’s your choice to decide how should you react.

Be gratitude and not to blame anyone inclusive yourself.

Always remember bad or good situation shall pass too.







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