Before you open your mouth…

The mouth should have THREE gatekeepers.

Is it True? Is it Kind? And Is it Necessary?

How important to check this before we open our mouth and start talking.

Imagine if we are sharing untruth news, what types of damages or disaster we are bringing to surrounding? We are creating panic, stress, hatred, confusion, anger, argument, tension…..Reaction to the untruth news.

How do you feel when you look at beautiful flowers? Let’s your words be like the beautiful flowers. Shining kindness!

I always share with friends that be kind in your words. Let’s your words be like the fragrance of flowers, shining positive vibes, bringing hopes and happiness. I believe you don’t like to mingle with people who are throwing “Shit” to you with their words.

Restrain any gossip in your conversation. It’s meaningless.

You’ll know best whether your conversation bring positive vibes or negative after you  finished. How do you feel?

Be the change, start talking with true, Kind and necessary words with your friends, families and others.

Let’s your words bring happiness, courage, hopes, motivation, kindness and give positive impact in other’s life.

Let’s do it.

3 responses to “Before you open your mouth…

  1. These three gates are so important. Truth and necessity are personally paramount for me. I’m working on the kindness part, 😜

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