be mindful…

“Stop getting sad over small things,

Stop getting emotional over things you can’t control.

It’s time for you to be HAPPY again.

You deserve HAPPINESS.”

Sound so simple and yet many of us, we are failed to practice.

We are so disturbed by small things, react in emotional by arousing our anger, stress, tension, sad and others… We bring out so much negative vibes to ourselves and others.

Is it necessary?

Think about it, no one can cause misery or suffering to us, unless we are willing to open our door and welcome it.

Be mindful on it, stop it once you are aware.

Make full use of our human life,

Be happy, bring happiness to others.

Be positive, bring positive vibes to others.

Be kind, shine kindness to others.

When you are doing this, you are the one who is most benefited.

Shine happiness like the fragrance of flowers… always make others feel good with hopes and positivity.

Take a try, my friend.








4 responses to “be mindful…

  1. Li Jiun. I think it is necessary for me to say that your practice is not easy. Patience and compassion are virtues here but i even bet you can relate to feelings of frustration (maybe in a work scenario). Sometimes even letting off steam can be a good thing as long as we don’t target anybody

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