Global Climate Strike, 20-27 Sept 2019

I believe you are experiencing climate changing in this few years. Non-stop natural disaster happens in everywhere. It’s become more critical, our planet become hotter and it effect many living beings.

Have you ever wonder why this happen?

Our action is causing this happen rapidly. In the name of materialism, we exploited our house (mother of earth) and ignore about her crying. Our unsatisfied craving and desires is burning our house, we take away the future of our next generation and all living beings.

Imagine, how do we live if our house is burning? There is no way to escape. (No Plan B Planet)

“Our house is on FIRE- Let’s act like it” by Greta Thunberg

What a profound saying!

Join the student Global Climate Strike #Climatestrike, 20-27 Sept 2019.

Let’s our voices heard. Let’s do it to protect our house-beautiful planet, billions of people, animals and plants.

Love from Nature. Let’s our action bring awareness, save our planet, save our life, animals and plants. Act now! You can! Photo credit to sister Joyce.

Act now. Our action counts.




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