“When your bones are tired of carrying everyone else’s problem, and when your lungs are tired of breathing life into other people, return back home to yourself for a while. Shift your energy back inwards. Reunite with peace again.” by Billy Chapata

How profound!

When we are overwork, over stress, we are totally neglect the signal of how tired is our body. How tight is our body and mind! How long we forgot to relax and let go all tightness, stress which stored deeply in our body and mind?

When I joined the 7 days meditation retreat, Venerable (Fa Shi) shared with us, do remember to relax your body before you start your sitting meditation. If our body is too tired, there is no way to go deep in meditation. We’ll fall to sleep easily as this is what body needs.

Our cat friends, they know well on relaxation. Do learn from them. 😄

Always remember to relax your body and mind, it’s important to keep you moving forward and at ease.






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