be a volunteer…


There is so much valuable lesson to learn from a volunteer service.

We work as a team and we listen mindfully on job need to be carried out. We’ll listen to instruction given and remain silent, e.g. to do packing after an event. How to pass towel, meditation cushion and others. We can carry out our job so fast and speedy without any error.

Only one person speak in one point of time to avoid misunderstanding, the rest of us will listen mindfully. We can voice out our opinion but it’s subject to consensus from everyone. What if our opinion is not going to accept, are we going to be upset? Of course, not. We should follow better ideas from others.

It’s easier to let go “I”, “Me”, “Mine” when we are in volunteer service.

Be silence, open our mouth when needed. We can truly appreciate the beauty of silence, bringing peacefulness and harmony to everyone.

Be patience as there is always changes in planning. We can truly experience impermanence of life.

Do get involve in voluntary work. You gain the most.





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