Use social media to impact people…

How many hours are you spend online?

What type of content are you keep watching and stop your thumb?

Are you become more peaceful or restless after your online session?

What type of content are you posting daily?

Are you bringing happiness or suffering in other’s life?

Are you bringing more hatred or kindness?

Are you trying to influence others by buying more material stuffs? e.g. new fashion/ new bags/ new stuffs/ new watches/ ……

Are you trying to introduce more non-vegan food/cafe? Increasing demand to meat products and indirectly causing more animals being killed…

How do you use social media?

“Don’t use social media to impress people;

use it to impact people.”

We can use social media to shine our kindness, to share good action, good words and bring happiness in other’s life.

We can be the voice of animal friends. Let’s other see no difference between living beings.

We can share the beauty of nature, let’s people to start their action to preserve this beautiful world.

We can share the act of kindness to inspire people to help all beings.

We can share the vegan cooking and be the living proof, to convince others to go vegan.

We can share kind words and bring peacefulness in other’s life.

There are so many positive things we can share by using social media.

Shine kindness!!!

Always remember before you are posting, ask yourself are you sharing positive or negative vibes, happiness or suffering, kindness or cruelty…





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