Be gratitude…

Some of us, we love to use our money to solve whatever problem we are facing in  this material world. We believe money is king and we can buy whatever we want by using money. Yes, this might be true in some cases but not all. Gradually, we forgot to be gratitude to whatever we receive from nature. We forgot to count our blessings. We only work hard and harder to chase material wealth and lost touch with nature.

Always remember that whatever you receive or getting is based cause and conditions. If the condition is not ready, even you are rich, you just can’t get it. Be gratitude to all beings for whatever you are receiving. Everyone is contributing.

I wanted to cook organic vegan tom yam soup. I am confident that I can buy coconut. Unfortunately, the shop closed. I changed to cook organic vegan curry. Always be gratitude and fully understand about cause and conditions.

We are connected!


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