What is your hobby?

What is your hobby?

How do you feel when you are talking about your hobby? Something you love to do without any complain… Perhaps you can keep talking about it and you are shining happiness to others.

“People are prettiest when they talk about something they really love with passion in their eyes.”

Be passion is really important in whatever you are doing especially your work can help to contribute to happiness and wellness of all beings. Always remember small action counts.

I enjoyed vegan cooking very much. My mission is to share what vegan eats and be the living example to invite more people to go vegan. I am practicing organic vegan diet, no pungent (No garlic, onions, leek, chives and Scallions), no refined sugar, flour and any processed food in my home cooking. Whenever I shared with people on my diet, their reaction is “Nothing you can eat.”

Happy organic vegan home cooked food! Bon apetite! 😋

Well! It’s a wrong perception. Just apply innovative in cooking, I can eat all “good food” with vegan cooking styles by using healthy ingredients.

I am practicing meditation in cooking. Do it step by step, no hurry and enjoying present moment with no future and past thoughts. It’s a beautiful solitude time. The more silent you are, the more intuitive and innovation applying on your plate.

You can apply meditation techniques in whatever you are doing.

Be at now and here.



2 responses to “What is your hobby?

  1. Why don’t you use garlic and onions? There are some Indians who don’t eat because they believe that these foods can give us a hot temper. Is it the same reason for you?

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