simple action…


Are you willing to let go, “I”, “Me, “you” in your daily life?

Are you very focus on the benefit to “Me” only?

When you are using public areas, e.g. restroom, pantry, beach, waterfall and others..Are you take care of next user when you are leaving the area?

Are you keep it clean and neat? or Just let it be dirty? Are you just throw your rubbish there and assume someone will clean for you?

How about when you check in hotel room? Are you treat it like your home? to keep it clean and tidy up? or just dirty it as you’ve paid for room rate?

When someone in your workplace is seeking for help, are you going to offer help? or you just mentioned, “Sorry, I am busy even though you are not.”

When your friend call for help, are you willing to offer helping hand? e.g When your friend is lost in traffic, are you sending the right location map?

Shining kindness and happiness wherever you go…

Simple help, perhaps will take a few minutes, but you are doing something meaningful which can benefit in others life. Small action will warm people’s heart. Let’s do it and don’t procrastinate.






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