Sleeping soundly…

Are you allow your body to rest when you are tired?

Are you forcing your body and mind to continue working hard even though you are drained?

Wise cat, An An boy!

I spent time to observe our lovely cat friends. They are living their life based on biological need. When they tired, they just sleep. Our lovely An An boy will sleep anywhere, in the middle of living hall, bedroom…. whenever he needs rest to recharge his energy.

I heard many of my friends can’t sleep at night. They look so tired, restless when they are losing their soundly sleep. Many of times, we are thinking (worry) too much and causing so much stress, tension to ourselves. Our body is always in tense and losing ability to relax. How to sleep well?

Why not learn from our cat friends? Live at ease, let go everything, go back to basic need. When you are tired, just sleep.






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