Many of my friends, they are so worry to practice meditation. They assumed mediation means crossed leg and sitting in lotus posture for hours. They told me “Meditation is not my cup of tea.” as they can’t sit still. Some even assumed that no thoughts arisen during meditation practice.

Don’t block yourself by making wrong assumption. Please find out the truth by practicing. Never listen to hear say, it’s can’t be truth by most of the time.

A simple example, you can check with friend whether the water is hot, warm or cold. They share with you but it might difference from your perception. It’s better to drink the water and you know the best temperature. Same apply to the level of spicy food and others.

You only can guess whether this organic vegan tom yum is spicy or non spicy. You are not going to know the truth unless you tasted it. Take action and find out the truth…

Open your heart and give yourself a chance to explore the beauty of meditation. Look out for a good meditation practitioner and start your journey in meditation.




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