Have you figure out what you should stop in 2019?

e.g. time spend in social media, gossiping, gambling, sleeping, watching videos and etc…

Why not join us to stop doing the below activities? Your action will definitely benefits and bring happiness to all beings.

  1. Buying animals as pets. Why not adopt from shelter home? or rescued?
  2. Eating animals. Why not try to Go Vegan?
  3. Wearing animals. Why not go for cotton and other non-killed materials?
  4. Testing on animals. Why not support those brand without testing on animals?
  5. Supporting circuses and zoos. Why not go for nature walk?
  6. Riding on horse carriages.
  7. Supporting Sea world.
  8. Boiling animals alive
  9. Killing animals for trophies
  10. Hunting

Love all beings…

Let’s sow the seed of kindness. Let’s protect and treasure life.

Most important, Let’s do it together.

Start from ourselves!!!

Are you ready, beautiful people?

Start to take RIGHT action.


2 responses to “To STOP…

  1. So true.
    “He who sees himself in all beings and all beings in himself feels no hatred by virtue of that realisation” Adi Shankara

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