Do you have genuine friends?

Do you have genuine friends who are having same belief?

Do you have genuine and honest friends who are walking the same spiritual path?

When you are older, it’s not easy to get sincere, genuine and honest friends. Friends who can give you encouragement, support your mission, same belief like you, to help all beings and others.

What are the topics of discussion when you are meeting with friends?

Wholesome or unwholesome?

Bringing benefits to all beings?

Focus on personal interest?


Talking about past?

Talking about how to indulge yourself through pampering your senses like eating, watching, shopping and others….

How do you feel after your gathering? More tired? or Recharge?

Always shine your positivity and happiness when you are get together with friends. Meaningless to talk about the past.

Good energy after meeting good and genuine friends…

Focus on NOW, the most precious moment.







2 responses to “Friends…

  1. My friends are a mixed bag. Thankfully they have all been very supportive of me. We have a saying ‘ a friend in need is a friend indeed’. Friends should rejoice in your happiness as well as support your bad times

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