Listen to yourself…


” If your body is telling you to avoid certain foods and eat more fruits and veggies, do it. If your gut feeling is telling you to distance yourself from certain people and get closer to those who have a positive aura to them, do it.

If your heart is telling you to travel, quit that job, start this project, spend more time in nature, take a break, read this book, be with that person, go for it.

You know what’s best for you so don’t ignore the messages!”

Be with yourself, be silent and always give priority to meditation, the best nutrition to our mind. The more silent you are, the more fresh ideas and solutions to solve your life challenges.

I heard from one of my teacher, she is always come out with new ideas and innovation after her meditation.


You are the master of your life. You are the best painter in your life.

Always listen!!!





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