A day trip to visit an organic durian farm…

Just got back from a day trip to enjoy a short break from busy working days.

It’s really important to let go everything and allow yourself to breath freely in nature.

Today, I went to an organic durian farm to enjoy durian which are free from chemical fertilisers, pesticide, hormone and any harmful substances.

The durian farm was located deep inside a hill. I enjoyed very much the clean environment, fresh air and crystal clear stream water, so chilling and cooling, It’s really great to back to nature to recharge and revitalise ourselves in busy working life.

I respected the spirit of the farm owner to maintain his farm in organic and sustainable environment which bring benefits to all living beings. I saw squirrels, butterfly, bees, dragonfly, ants and a few guard dogs are moving freely in the farm. Imagine, if the farm owner putting harmful substances, they are going  to kill all this living beings, causing environment pollution and also bring health disaster to our body.

Without using pesticides, the organic farm owner are losing about 40% of his durian (eaten by squirrels, wild boar and other animals). Well! He said it’s worth it.

Let’s give our support to all this beautiful people who are protecting the purity of land.





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