What is your to do list?

  • Earn more money
  • Eat more good food (meat)
  • Watch online movies (be a potato couch)
  • Do more chatting (gossiping)
  • Spend more time in social media (Occasionally, be social bully and spread negativity)
  • Spend more time in sleeping
  • Gambling
  • Parting with lot of alcohol drink
  • smoking

Imagine if you are doing all this activities, how do you feel?

Are you more happy or suffering?

Are you more positive or negative?

Are you more energetic or more tired?

Are you more peaceful or restless?

Are you able to help others or harm others?

Are you moving towards a better life?

Choose wisely!!!

Be like lotus flower. Grow in muddy but no mud on the lotus flowers.

You are the painter of your life. It’s all depend on you.

Always asked yourself what do you want in your life.




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