Unconditional loves

I heard a great story from my friend about how she became a vegetarian at the age of 9 years old. Her mum told her that the meat( beef) she ate was from a cow, a living being. As a child, she loves animal dearly. Immediately, she stopped eating meat. And now, she is a vegan. Amazing!!!

Many of us, we are aware that eating meat= taking life from animal friends. In order to pamper our senses, we pretend ignore the true fact.

Think about it. Why are we behave in such a way? Are we feeling “emptiness” or “loneliness”? Are we trying to find something to fulfill our desires? Are we chasing for ” good” food to satisfy our senses?

Why can’t we think from the angles of animal friends? They are not born to be killed for meat. They are earthling and they deserved a chance to live just like us.

We can live pretty well by eating plan- based food. Don’t give excuses.

Let’s contemplate, my lovely friends. Give our unconditional loves to all beings. Yeah! We can!!!

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