Be kind…

We can shine our kindness anytime.

I saw my neighbour’s cat was limping for a past few days. Checked him out and I saw an open wound underneath his foot. Maybe from cat’s fight. I tried to apply medicine  and he was licked out the natural medicine immediately.

I wanted to bring him to Vet for treatment as I felt the tremendous pain. I tried to  figure out how can I bring him into the carrier. This evening, I am glad that I reached home before the Vet Clinic closed at 7pm and able to find him. Surprising, he walked into the carrier by himself. Perhaps, he understood that I am not going to harm but to help him. Kindness Shine!!!

After I kept him in carrier, I told my neighbour that I am bringing him to Vet and she was so surprise that I managed to catch him. They tried but failed. Apparently, he is slightly aggressive lately.

May he recover soon!!! See no different in all beings!

He was so behaved and quiet during the journey. Now, he is boarding in Vet clinic. I hope he can recover soon. Many blessings to my cat friend!!!

The lesson learned, no need to spend time to think so much, whatever you think might not happen. Most important, be kind and compassion. Animal friends can feel it.

No border about love.


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