a day of meditation retreat…

How do you spend your weekend?

Today, I went for a day of meditation retreat. It was fantastic.

A totally quiet time for body and mind and also a great way to learn new and refresh techniques for warming exercise, walking, sitting, sleeping and standing meditation. Moreover, a total rejuvenate after the retreat! Awesome!

No matter whatever we are doing, be mindful. e.g When we are walking, feel the touching of skin from foot to floor (earth). When we are standing, be mindful on breathing. When we are sleeping be aware of arisen and subsidies of abdomen.

Keep practising!!!  Don’t pay any attention to thoughts arisen. Just observe and let it subsidies. Never like the “movie Director” to connect all your thoughts. Definitely you are not at now, you are out from present moment.

The more you practice, the more skilful you are. The more peacefulness you are enjoying and also freedom in life.

Enjoying the freedom in life!!! Nothing to get…. just keep losing our greed, hatred and ignorance.

Be the master of your life!!! Be mindful!

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