Walk Away…


Always indulge yourself in nature to discharge all negativity. Start anew!!!

Walk away from people who put you down.

Walk away from fights that never be resolved.

Walk away from trying to please people who never see your worth.

The more you walk away from things that poison you, the healthier and happier you are.

By Shaista Saba

So profound!

Why not take a try? The more you safeguard yourself from negativity, negative vibes, fake news and whichever stuffs that are going to poison your mind, you are going to be more HAPPY!!! Enjoy more peacefulness in life!

Have you ever experienced that your energy super low and extremely tired after a discussion with someone?

Have you ever wonder “WHY”?

Your energy is being drained by “Negativity”.

A great reminder to us too, not to poison other’s mind!!!



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