Shining happiness in social media…

What do you think about social media?

Do you think you are receiving too much info and also lot of fake and negative news?

How do you feel when you are reading negative news?

Angry, unpleasant, sad, tension, stress, fear, worry, depressed, and arousing all negative emotions.

Think about it, do you want to be “The One” who spread all negative news and negative emotional to others?

Do you want to shine happiness or suffering?

I always encourage my friends to start blogging, Instagram and others to share good words, good thoughts, good things, shining happiness, loving kindness, kind virtues, positive energy, create awareness to love all beings and others. Make a vow that whoever reading our writing, looking at our photos, they are able to enjoy a moment of peacefulness, perhaps a smile on their face, a small realisation, a good reminder to be kind, happiness and positive energies.

Start our writing by using positive energies and loving kindness.

You can always shine your kindness through little things in daily life. Share it!

Let’s spread kindness and happiness. Join us!



6 responses to “Shining happiness in social media…

  1. Exactly, we all should spread the positive energy around us. Whether through our images, videos or words that we share in the social media. The more happy works that we all spread, the more there’s be positivity & less negativity to the world around us & great thoughts of yours as always! 💖

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