How do you spend your weekend?

Are you taking a break?

Are you taking a good rest after a full working week?

Are you doing volunteers job to bring happiness to others?

Are you only doing things to pamper your senses?

Are you maximise your weekend with eating, shopping, chit chat (Gossip), watching movie, online and other activities which make yourself so tired? You are not allowing your body and mind to rest and rejuvenate.

Do you feel more tired after weekend?

If Yes, do review on your activities.

Always give priority to your quiet time-

A time to be with yourself, to reflect what you’ve you done, how to improve and be better.

A time to enjoy serenity in life.

A time to relax your body and mind.

Take a good rest. Be chill and relax during weekend. Its not consider as waste of time. The art of doing nothing!!! Don’t feel guilty.

This is not consider as waste of time. This helps us to keep walking in our life with faith and determination.




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