Negative thoughts…

Do you aware when negative thoughts arises?

Do you aware the effects of negative thoughts?

  1. Your body releases Acid.
  2. Your aura decreases.
  3. Your resistant power decreases.
  4. Your system functions are affected.
  5. Your heart beat increases.
  6. Your blood pressure increases.
  7. Unwanted hormones are released.

You are going to harm yourself with negative thoughts either your body or mind. You are unable to enjoy peacefulness. Besides, you might harm others too through abusive words or action.

As such, Be aware of negative thoughts, not to pressure it to subcide but to observe and let it go.

Miss Sisi is always sweet!! She come and say hello even though sleepy. She just wanted to shine her happiness!!! Heart melted with her sweetness!

Let’s vow to bring happiness to all beings, a simple smile, a warm hug, an encourage words and other simple action.

You can, my friends.




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