Kindness Count…

Sometimes, people might find it’s hard to shine kindness and offer help to others.

Some simple example of shinning kindness:

When you buy organic veggies, perhaps you find some little snails, worms and other living creatures inside the veggies. You can release them in nature and give them a chance to live.

When you are able to feed hungry animal friends with a meal and relieve them from hunger.

When you are preparing clean drinking water at your balcony, you are helping some animal friends to relive from thirsty.

When you see a spider or ants might drown in water, carry them to safe place.

When you see an animal dead body (cats, dogs, snakes, rats and others) in highway, give them your best blessings.

When you see an ambulance pass by, give your best blessings to the patients inside….

When you see a lorry with all livestock, chanting and transfer merit to them, “May they be relieved from suffering.”

Give a smile, be grateful, be humble and practice all kind virtues. Let kindness be embedded in our DNA.

We can, right?

Kind People!!!



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