Lesson from diarrhea…

I had a food poisoning on last Sunday. Suspected from dine out dinner on Saturday evening. Severe diarrhea,  I am gratitude to my body to reject out the “Unknown” posionous” and it was great to empty our intestine. Always think positive.

Miso soup, is great for gut health, providing beneficial bacteria.

I am using food as my medicine to cure my diarrhea, stomach ache and also headache. Natural healing will take time but there is no side effect to our body. I am fully recover after 3 days of eating macrobiotic food, drinking sufficient amount of water and most important, allow your body to rest. The remedy I took was Kudzu with Umeboshi juice in warm water (2 times per day) plus half cup of Kombucha (For gut health). I never take leave and fully recover now.

Always remember to eat clean and build your strong immune system. This can be our good defence and army towards extenal “Invasion”. Try to pracrice Let food be thy medicine. Don’t gradually “kill” your body by consuming lot of medicines (drugs).

Stay well, my lovely friends!

6 responses to “Lesson from diarrhea…

  1. Lots of natural yogurt is my standby for a gippy tummy. I also never! eat seafood other than cooked by myself, one can never be sure how fresh or clean the food is.
    The only time I got caught was in an hotel were I thought I would be fine.
    So I sympathise, nothing worse……….

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