Keep practicing…

We can understand well on impermanence of life. However, can you accept if something happen suddenly and out of norm? Of course, it’ll easier to accept if something happen to others.

Yesterday, I was doing gardening and small piece of wood stucked under my fingernail. It was truly painful. No matter, how I tried, I can’t remove the small piece of wood. By no choice, I went to clinic and got help from Doctor.

To be very honest, it was truly painful and unbearable when doctor tried to remove out the wood. I’ve accepted doctor’s proposal to get an injection to numb the wound and finally he removed out the small pieces of wood.

I didn’t take any pain killer and I felt the pain, hard to fall to sleep.

How to overcome it?

I am glad that I practice meditation, I am mindfully observe breath in and out, be here and now. Gradually, I didn’t notice the pain and slept.

The great lessons learned, “Impermanence of life” and keep practicing. You’ll know how good is your practice when you are facing challenging situation in life.

Be persistence!!!



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