sharing happiness…

When you are seeing others doing good deeds, how do you feel?

Are you rejoice? Are you giving compliments?

Are you be gratitude to their actions?

Are you planning to learn from them?

Are you trying to discourage people to do good deeds?

Are you trying to say that “Fake or ingenuine” action?

Are you jealous?

Whenever I read volunteers or rescurers are trying their best to save animal life. I am really gratitude for their action. They inspired me to be a better human, see no different in all life.

I knew an elderly aunty, she loves dogs and she will do anything to help stray, injured, mistrested, abandoned, tortured and all kind of dog friends. She shown unconditional loves and No fear in her face, only compassion and kindness. I’ll give my gratitude and respect whenever I meet up with her. I am rejoice with her kindness. What I can help only a small donation for Vet’s medical bill.

Do our best to offer help!!! If we can’t help, be gratitude and rejoice in orhers kind deeds.

If you are unable to help animal friends, don’t stop or discourage others from helping. Shut your mouth if you are not shining loving kindness or bringing any constructive action to help.





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