Take action….

Instead of spend time to think about problem facing, its better to take action to solve it. No matter how many solutions coming to your mind, you need to implement, solve and move on your life.

Many of us, we love to spend time to watch cooking show, read cooking blog, some might even attend cooking class. Well! Do you think you know how to cook if you refuse to practice it? In theory, maybe yes. In practical, no, you must master the cooking skill by keep practicing.

Its really easy to make a complain in life, just open our mouth or using our hand to text. My personal experience, Whenever I passed by my neighbour’s backlane, its so messy, full of fern and weed. This evening, I took an action to clear it. It took about one and half hour. I am truly happy that I’ve done it.

No waiting… take action to help!!!

Don’t spend much time to think, take action.

Solve and move on.





4 responses to “Take action….

  1. Thank you so much for the encouragement to do better than what we are doing. You are so right in that we need to always be doing our very best and then do better than that. That was sweet that you cleared the way for your neighbor! Great post! ๐Ÿ™‚ Jen

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