Some of my friends shared with me that they are animal lovers. However, when I observed their daily life. Yes, they love animals, only apply to their pet dogs or cats.  They are eating happily on meats and always talk about “good food” in restaurant.

Where is the good food-meat come from? Taking life from animal friend- KILLING.

If you are loving animals so much, what is the difference between your pet dog or cat vs hen, cow, pig, goat, duck, fish, dog (some people even eating dog meat!!!) and others?

They love their life, They understand “Love”, They are fearful for “killing” and They want to LIVE A GOOD LIFE. Well! Their body end up on our plate as we demand so much on GOOD FOOD (MEAT).

Is this call “I Love animals”?

If you are doing so, you are ONLY LOVE your pet animals.

You are applying judgemental love.

Why not start to practice unconditional loves to all beings?

Be their voice, understanding their suffering, help and loves them.

I come across many good stories about how people rescue farm animals and showing transformation of farm animals in sanctuary. I always weep my tears.

Don’t hide yourself from the truth. Watch all this “Torturing”, Suffering” and “sad” livestock stories online. Why can’t you face the truth?

You are the fountain of loves, shine your unconditional loves to all livibg beings. Everyone deserved to live. All life are precious. You can make a difference.

Once you witness the suffering, you are no longer demand for meat products.

Everyone deserved a life!

We are Earthlings!

Let’s share earth resources and none of the animals are belong to us.




4 responses to “Awakening…

  1. Very true. Humans take up 0.01 percent of all the biomass on earth but have reduced the biomass of wild marine and terrestrial mammals by six times and the biomass of plant matter by half according to a study by Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ( Plus, livestock take up more than 60% of all mammals on Earth, 36% are human and just 4% are wild animals. This needs to change. We should also stop supporting the agricultural industry and all their praise towards GMOs (especially in the U.S.), as processed foods are known to be unhealthy and GMOs have a lot of unknown effects and have not had many long-term studies on them.

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