We are ONE!

How do you feel when a cat or a dog or any animal friends accidently enter your house?

Are you angry with them?

Are you thinking a way to chase them out from your house?

Are you trying to help them by offering a bowl of water and food?

Are you trying to calm them as they are definetely in stress/restless/tension mode?

What type of action are you taking?

Think about it.

If our animal friends can talk and using same language, I am sure they are going to tell us that “Human is accupying all their living habitat, deforestation, overdevelopment and there is NO SPACE for them.” Don’t forget they are earthlings too. They’ve a right to inhale fresh air, enjoying nature, eating and others.

See no different… love all beings.

Use your intellingent to protect and help them. Shine your unconditional loves to all beings not only HUMAN.

See no difference in all beings.

We are ONE. We are living in same mother of earth.





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