Stray animals…

How do you feel when you are separated from your family?

How do you feel when you are in hunger, thirsty and no one give you any helping hand?

How do you feel when you are sick and no one care about you?

How do you feel if you are being dump out from home like trash?

Once you see other animal friends like yourself, you will learn to value all beings.

Some of us, we hated stray animals very much. Instead of helping them, we are condemning and think a way to get rid of them.

We are not putting our shoes in their position. Why can’t we accept them with open heart?

Think about it, how much space and food needed by them? Why can’t we adopt them and give them a forever home. Most important, to neuter or spay them, one of the best way to control stray animals. Remember we are sharing this beautiful planet.

See no different in them. Looking deep in their eyes. We are connected. Love all beings.

Yes, you might complain on how smelly is their feces. Instead of complaining, why not clean it up? Settle it and let go. Well! You are happily to change diapers for your children and clean up their mess, why are you treating animal friends differently?

Shine your unconditional loves. We are one.

See No different.





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