Be compassion…

Are you only focus on money as a reward in your career?

Are you apply loving kindness and compassion in your job?

Are you only consider to follow spiritual path when you are in monastery?

Recently, I heard a few cases which can be a great reminder, working not only for money but to help others.

An elderly grandma about 94 years old, her surgeon asked her to remove lump (Maybe cancerous) and if cancerous, she need to go through radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Do you think she needs to go through such a painful process? Can she still alive after major operation?

Another case, A friend of mine had diabetes and high blood, recently diagnosed kidney problem. His doctor advised him to take white rice to prevent further deterioration on kidney. He asked his doctor that white rice contained simple sugar, definitely spike his sugar level. His doctor replied, “No worries, Just increase the dosage of diabetes pill.”

Treat all beings like yourself. We are one.

Be compassion to all beings.



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