The truth…

The most beautiful flower will wither… It applies the same to our life! Accept it!

Have you ever heard about impermanent of life?

Can you accept changes?

I visited one of my friend, his cancer has spread to brain and he lost his mobility, he can’t walk, see and hear well, he is in tremendous pain and under pain management. He needs support from others to manage his daily life.

He is so suffering and he just can’t accept his health deteriorated speedily in less than a month.  A month ago, he can drive, read, walking, dining out with family and friends, playing golf and definitely he can manage himself well.

We might assume all this as little things and “Must have” when we are healthy.  We don’t know when are we losing our health, treasure it before you lost it.

My friend is in tremendous pain, not only physically, he is still can’t accept his current condition and wonder why this happen to him? It like 2 arrows hitting him.

Keep walking our spiritual path, practice it and understand the truth of “Impermanent of life.” Accept and move on!!!

My sincere hope: “My friend will relieve from suffering.”

Let’s give our best blessings to him.


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